Still Life Paintings

Watercolor Paintings

grey poupon

Grey Poupon, 9″ x 9″

Bush's beans

Bush’s Beans, 9″ x 9″

bermuda onion

Bermuda Onion, 9″ x 9″

Smuckers jam

Smuckers Jam, 9″ x 9″

orange & Bell's

Orange & Bell’s, 9″ x 9″










In each Watercolor Still Life painting there is a very familiar product displayed with a fruit or vegetable and a vase. These arrangements were very personal expressions for me.

All the objects and background patterns were from items I had in my home. Setting them up as a unit, being pleased with the affect and painting them was very gratifying.


Acrylic Paintings
* indicates painting has been sold


Bananas, 12″ x 12″

pineapples 1

Pineapples, 14″ x 18″


Pears, 12″ x 12″


Onions, 12″ x 12″ *


Apples, 12″ x 12″ *

acorn squash

Squash, 12″ x 12″ *


Asparagus, 12″ x 12″






For the Acrylic vegetable and fruit paintings I had visited a couple of grocery markets and took close-up photos for reference.
I loved the jumbled, random display they created, and the variations in color.