About me

MomI graduated from Mass College of Art & Design in Boston, majoring in Painting and Illustration. My first job was with Rust Craft Greeting Cards in Dedham, MA, illustrating greeting cards, gift wrap, and holiday decoration. I then went to work for Hasbro, Inc. as a toy designer for girls’ toys for seventeen years – where I worked on many popular products that ranged from My Little Pony to Easy Bake Oven.

After leaving Hasbro, I started my own freelance studio where I designed for a diverse assortment of clients – which included creating concept designs and illustrations for giftware industries; designing surface patterns for use on fabric, gift wrap, and party goods; illustrating for children’s books and greeting cards; and developing toy design concepts.

In addition to freelancing, I taught art classes for children at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. and the Children’s Enrichment Center in Mansfield, MA.

I am focusing on painting for my own pleasure now and working on pieces for various gallery shows. The mediums that I use mostly are watercolors and acrylics, with fantasy being my main subject matter. I’ve painted many fantasy characters doing unearthly things and I’ve explored still lifes and floral studies, as well as combining patterns and textures to create a burst of color.

I love the freedom of painting whatever moves me and where color takes me. My personal paintings give me the opportunity for complete self-expression. My imagination flows into another world populated by creatures and unusual figures that maybe I’ve seen out of the corner of my eye, sometime, somewhere. They definitely left an impression on me!